South Devon caravans for sale 2020

Caravan Options

** New caravans – new and pre-owned – in stock! **

Get in touch to find out more [email protected] or call 01364 73273 **

Supplied by Delta Caravans and starting from £39,930 you can check them out here: the Delta Resort Plus  and the Delta Sienna.

Also, check out our pre-owned caravans – available now.

Our other options include our latest show caravan, vacant plots for a caravan of your choice, pre-owned caravans (when available), and 30′ x 22′ lodges on the Terrace.

See below for the show caravan we currently have – the excellent Swift Bordeaux

2022 Show Caravan

As above, we’ll be getting more new caravans for sale in 2022, so watch this space or you can always speak to Sharon for more details on 01364 73273 or mail [email protected] 

But for now, our 2022 show caravan is the spacious and stylish Swift Bordeaux 35′ x 12′

Available Plots

Prefer to choose your own new caravan? You can do that at Webland, provided that your chosen caravan will fit one of our available plots.

Pre-Owned Caravans

** New pre-owned caravans for sale! **

Get in touch to find out more [email protected] or call 01364 73273

30' x 22' Lodge

Interested in a lodge? This 30′ x 22′ is an ideal lodge for a first time buyer, or for caravan owners who are looking to make the change.