Available Plots For Your New Caravan

Choosing Your Own Caravan

We recognise that you may prefer to choose your own caravan and we are delighted to work with you to find the right holiday home.

Our recommended approach is, first of all, to come and see Webland Farm so that you can make up your mind whether we are the right type of park for you, both in location and in the quiet, relaxing approach that we have, and that you like one of the plots we have available.

If you then want to take it further, we can then discuss with you the types of caravans you like, and advise you on those that would be suitable for our plots in their size and shape. Different plots will take different caravans, so a good starting point is to identify which plots are currently available and the size of caravan they will take.

Sample of Caravan Model Options

Popular caravan picks at Webland Farm include: –


  • Swift Ardennes 35′ x 12′
  • Swift Biarritz 35′ x 12′
  • Willerby Kelston 36′ x 12′
  •  Swift Bordeaux 38′ x 12′

Your choice, however, is not limited to this list and we are happy to work with you to find the right solution. Our support includes, at your request, meeting up with you at Surf Bay to take a look at their range of caravans and give our input on if they are suitable for Webland Farm, and the pros and cons of the different models.

Swift Ardennes exterior – manufacurer’s photo

Swift Ardennes kitchen

Swift Biarritz 35' x 12'

Swift Biarritz lounge

Swift Biarritz kitchen

Willerby Kelston 36' x 12'

Willerby Kelston exterior – manufacturer’s photo

Willerby Kelston kitchen

For more details on all our caravans and available plots, please give us a call on 01364 73273, e-mail us at sharon@weblandfarm.co.uk or send a message by the website contact form.

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